This is a line of work we are really excited about.

The chance to create something special together, from the ground up. Making it right for your business and right for customers.

Partnering with us, is like an extension of your own team.”

- Russ Winborn, Bit More Media

Our partnership model can work in many ways and in whatever capacity suits your business. From minor input to help shape the direction of the project, through to full management and build.
In many cases, the project definitions may lay outside your core business area or core competencies. This is where we can help you to fill in the gaps. It’s no secret that small businesses have to invest in IT to remain competitive in a growing market.
And the challenge is finding the right agency for the job.
At Bit More Media, we work with you without risks and consequences. We develop the product you expect and goals are achieved.

Our Guarantee To You

Partnerships model guarantees fluid project development
Authentic contribution - nurtured mutual trust
Accountability - deadlines & budgets are agreed and met
Transparent communication
Cultural alignment
Why partner with us?
Technical Support - We support our clients by providing timely 24/7 technical expertise and support.
Lower risk - We contribute to lowering the risk for each partner organisation, wherever possible.
Revenue Opportunities - Boost revenue by increasing customer engagement through feature-rich apps.
Global Clientele - We provide mobile solutions to a global clientele on all major platforms.
Tools and Resources - Identifying the apt tools and resources we help you with in-depth technical knowledge.
Now Competitive Relationship - We believe in transparent relationship, highly desired value in the corporate world.
Sounds good... what next?
If you are interested in working with us as your digital design partner, drop us a line.
We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and those of your customers and find the right level of partnership.
We are a London based digital agency with a home office in Crystal Palace, London. We have shared offices across London; get in touch to find out the closest office to you.
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